Membership is by Anniversary Date for Each Member..

MBTA is happy to announce that registration for new and renewal annual memberships is now open.


  • MBTA memberships are based on the anniversary date that you renew or enroll

  • Annual Membership:

    • $175.00 - this price does not include the cost of attending meetings

  • Pre-paid Meeting Package:

    • $130.00 (Available to MBTA Members  Only)

    • Add the Pre-paid Meeting Package at $130.00 to your Annual MBTA membership and enjoy the benefits of not paying for our 6 annual meetings.  If you do not elect to add this package you will be required to pay the $85.00 fee for each meeting you attend.  This package is a savings of $380 versus paying for individual meetings.  

    • Click Here if you need to add the pre-paid meetings package

  • Per Meeting Registration Fee:

    • $85 Member (if you elected not to choose the prepaid Meeting Package)

    • $100 Non Members


Refund/Cancellation Policy

Membership fees are non-refundable, however you can transfer membership to another person from the same company. (To do this yourself, go to "My Profile" and select "Edit Profile" to enter the new person's name). Full membership fees are not refundable, or discountable if you miss any of the 5 included meetings during the year. For Guests and Basic members (who pay for each meeting separately), there are no refunds for registrations you cancel, however if you provide at least 1 week advance notice, the fee paid may be applied to the next scheduled meeting. Questions on this policy can be directed to: Debbie Graves - MBTA President - e-mail to [email protected].