Code of Ethics

It is, and shall continue to be, the policy of GBTA - Michigan Chapter that the Association and its members shall maintain the highest level of ethical, legal, and professional standards in the conduct of its business. It is, and shall continue to be, the goal and objective of GBTA - Michigan Chapter to advance the knowledge and professionalism of all its members and to provide opportunities for communication of travel-related information. Unwelcomed direct solicitation of members at any Association function is prohibited. It is, and shall continue to be, the policy of GBTA - Michigan Chapter that members who conduct themselves in an unethical, illegal, or unprofessional manner detrimental to the goals and objectives of the Association, will be called upon to answer for such conduct to the GBTA - Michigan Chapter Board of Directors and be subject to dismissal from the Association for cause. 

Applying for a membership in the GBTA - Michigan Chapter indicates your consent to agree to abide by this intent.