Mission Statement

The MBTA is dedicated to enhancing the role of the business travel professional.

MBTA has recognized that providing value to its members is one of the strongest tools we have as a chapter to maintain and strengthen our membership. We continuously monitor our effectiveness as an organization thorough survey, interactive dialogue at our regularly scheduled meetings, and are openly receptive to member comments and suggestions. We are implementing many of the suggested changes and the meeting formats have now taken on a new look, to include direct member round table discussions and speakers with a greater educational focus.

Formed in 1967 as one of the first affiliate chapters of the national organization. We currently have over 100 members, of which nearly 45 are Direct members (Travel, and/or Purchasing Managers).

MBTA has a dedicated group of committee chairpersons who support many of the common interests of our membership. Our newly formed Education Committee monitors industry trends to ensure future meetings provide the greatest amount of timely and valuable information to our membership. Our Charity Committee coordinates a sizable contribution to local charities each year through our December holiday event and at other business meeting throughout the year.  And our Technology Committee works to make sure we receive updates on technology changes in the travel industry.

The key to our chapter's success lies in the dedicated efforts of our membership. We are positioned as an organization to proactively address the issues that affect our industry.